Choosing a college is a decision that most people only make once in a lifetime. You compete with thousands of young adults for a few coveted spots. Like you, they are good and deserve admission. To be competitive, you must be well prepared, understand the competition, become familiar with the personality of each school you want to attend, and understand the variables which affect the admissions process. 

What I do:

  • Help you establish ownership of the process.
  • Identify personal and academic goals.
  • Review academic and personal profiles.
  • Highlight strategies to strengthen your application.
  • Provide guidance on course selection and standardized tests.
  • Create a balanced list of colleges and universities for application.
  • Assist with the completion of college applications.
  • Provide guidance on personal statements and school-specific essays.
  • Plan college visits.
  • Provide advice on making the most of campus tours.
  • After acceptance provide guidance for the choice of college to attend.
  • Evaluate financial aid packages and determine the “cost of attendance”.

Your College Years