Admission to colleges and universities are becoming increasingly competitive and complicated. Factors driving selectivity are an increasing applicant pool and a drop in college admission rates. Ideally, high school counselors would like to help each student with every aspect of the college application process. However, this is made difficult by the disproportionate student to counselor ratios at most high schools. Additionally, they are met with a number of responsibilities beyond helping students with the college application process.  As a result, most high school counselors are unable to provide each student with the individualized attention each student may need.

An educational advisor is a professional who works with students and families on an individual basis to help to clarify the options available to students and assist in guiding them to the right college. Choosing a college is a decision that most people make once in a lifetime. More importantly, attending the correct college will be a tremendously rewarding experience. The educational advisor collaborates with her client to develop an informed and well thought strategy to identify educational goals and choose schools and/or programs to apply to that will meet their unique needs. Working with a private counselor increases the chances for admissions to the best school.  This decreases application costs, reduces anxiety, and provides peace of mind to the student and family during an otherwise pressure-filled time.

Your College Years