You are bright, talented, and about to embark on one of life’s great adventures – the pursuit of a college degree. Most young adults are excited by the prospect of writing this chapter of their life, creating their own space and experiencing the freedom to explore the possibilities they never could have imagined.  Your college experience can change the direction of your life.  If you attend a college that “fits” you well, you can have an amazing experience that can prepare you for years of happiness and success.

Selecting the right college can be difficult, confusing and the process can be overwhelming  without the support of a knowledgeable educational counselor.  The most important factor in college success is selecting a college or university that meets the interests, needs, and aspirations of the individual.

There is a college for everyone. I believe this.  It guides my approach with every student,  to help him or her to find the place where he or she will thrive.  I am happy to work with students regardless of where they are in the college search and application process.

Your College Years
Pat Jazwa
Educational Advisor